Our mission

Our mission

Through innovative and sustainable products and services, TicketCo’s goal is to offer solutions our customers love. By doing so, we are building a company with sustainable growth and great future prospects for every stakeholder.

The core of TicketCo’s business is ticketing, and our principal goal is easiness. Our assignment is simply to make life easier for both our event organisers and their ticket buyers, and our means is to develop the world’s best solution for some rather than an average solution for everyone.

We are certain that this is the right way forward. Ticketing is a complex product, and the global market leaders within the industry are now being challenged by competitors with more tailor made solutions than what the generalists are able to offer. TicketCo is in the centre of this transformation.

Our target segments are sports and venues – two massive parts of a global ticketing market estimated at $ 49.2 Billion in 2020 and projected to reach a revised size of $ 60 Billion by 2026.

TicketCo’s long term goal is to become the leading ticketing company in Europe.